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Question   GAllery
Hi, Natasha,
Your gallery is breathtaking! Congrats on your Grand Prize Winner! Patrick.

- Patrick Rouzes June 20, 2017

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Question   Comment
Beautiful pictures...love them all...congratulations!!!

- Gloria Kasse December 13, 2016

  Answer Thank you very much, Gloria! I really appreciate your comment.

- Natasha Pliss  December 14, 2016

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Question   Bellisimo!!!
I love your site! Very beautiful photos. I love your macros!

- Victor M. Cambronero December 02, 2015

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Question   Photography request
Dear Natasha, I need to talk to you about your photography works. I hope you'll get in touch with me as soon as you get this message. Best,

- Pelin Ulca July 27, 2015

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Question   Thank you for you nice comments on my photo
Thank you very much on your comments on the tree with butterfly's . It is very nice of you.😀. By the way you have a lovely gallery!

- Cynthia j. Lesley December 18, 2014

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Question   Your gallery
I truly enjoyed visiting/examining your gallery. I am starting my redesign project on my own site and I am using yours as one of the examples. Like you, I am a member of BP.

Thank you for your beautiful art.

- Ernest Pile May 20, 2014

  Answer Thank you very much, Ernest! I really appreciate you choosing my site as one of the examples for your project. Good luck and happy shooting!

- Natasha Pliss  May 20, 2014

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Question   a word of praise
your photos are lovely and very inspiring. :)

- Connie Gentz September 01, 2013

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Question   Vostorg!!!
Foto izumitelni! Net slov!

- Elena Shishova March 04, 2013

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Question   Your BP Center of a flower
Nastasha! Pliss = "Please keep shooting beauties"!

Thank you for your eyes.


-  November 20, 2012

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Question   Digital Work
Very Nice enjoyed several slide shows

- Mike Pliss January 23, 2011

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Question   Canyons
Natasha, your photography gets more amazing. Just enjoyed the beauty and magic of canyons... Thank you for sharing!

- Raya B July 10, 2010

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Question   Canyons of Arizona and Utah
Hi Natasha,
Your new photos and slide show are amazing! I love your photographs - we must visit the Canyons and National Parks! Thanks for posting them!

- Diana Weiske June 24, 2010

  Answer I just wanted to stop by and say THANK YOU for all the effrot that you put into this blog! It is very refreshing to see photographers sharing the inspiration behind various photo sessions. It's also interesting to see the different equipment that everyone uses. Keep up the good work!

- Urara Urara  August 19, 2012

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Question   feeling awestruck!
Dear Natasha,

your website is incredible! I was left speechless as I was going through the magic that your pictures project. All these colours, the precise moments you have managed to capture with your lens, some seem like they come from a different dimension.. you have done a wonderful job! thank you so much for sharing it with me!

- Angeliki Asimaki June 12, 2010

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Question   Natasha's Website
Hello Dan, Natasha,

Thanks for the link - your photos are absolutely beautiful and an inspiration (as I enjoy painting flowers)!

What a great website you have created - it is a joy to look at and listen,



- Diana Weiske May 05, 2010

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Question   photo gallery
Thank you. Your work is beautiful and inspiring

- Mila Pinsky May 04, 2010

  Answer Thank you Mila! Please come again. New photos are arriving pretty often. We are going on vacation soon to see the canyons of Arizona, Utah & Nevada. At that time - no new pictures.

- Natasha Pliss  May 05, 2010

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Question   photos

Thank you very much for the pleasure to admire your gorgeous works. We are looking forward to seeing your new photos.

- Alex & Faina Zhukovsky May 04, 2010

  Answer Thanks a lot Faina and Sasha! New photos are arriving almost every day. Today and tomorrow I am going to submit a couple of pictures for a monthly contest theme: this month it's "Humor".

- Natasha Pliss  May 05, 2010

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Question   Thank you for sharing your passion

Thank you for revealing the beatiful views. Your passion for nature makes them captivating and fascinating. Thank you for the artistic and technical effort in bringing the joy to the viewers.

- Paul Fleishman May 03, 2010

  Answer Thank you Paul for the kind and encouraging words. Have a beautiful day!

- Natasha Pliss  May 04, 2010

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Question   Natasha Pliss's site
Great site! I enjoyed watching the slide show and will be coming back to it for beauty and piece.

- Raisa Budman May 02, 2010

  Answer Dear Raya, thank you for the praise and support. I already submitted something new for the contest. It's a Mystic fern (just my fantasy). Have a great day!

- Natasha Pliss  May 04, 2010

  Answer Dear Natasha! Exellent photos. We enjoyed obserwving flowers and landscapes. We think now now, that flowers - your great passion.
Thank you for pleasant impressions.

Tanja, Misha

- Mikhail Gotovsky  May 07, 2010

  Answer Dear Tanya and Misha,

Thank you very much for a nice comment on my website. I did not respond right away because I just returned from my trip to the "Canyon Land" (Arizona, Utah) last night. I'll put the pictures on my website in June. Thanks again.


- Natasha Pliss  May 20, 2010

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