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from Raisa Budman Natasha Pliss's site

Great site! I enjoyed watching the slide show and will be coming back to it for beauty and piece. Previous Response:
from Natasha Pliss
on May 04, 2010
 Dear Raya, thank you for the praise and support. I already submitted something new for the contest. It's a Mystic fern (just my fantasy). Have a great day! Previous Response:
on May 07, 2010
 Dear Natasha! Exellent photos. We enjoyed obserwving flowers and landscapes. We think now now, that flowers - your great passion.
Thank you for pleasant impressions.

Tanja, Misha
 Previous Response:
from Natasha Pliss
on May 20, 2010
 Dear Tanya and Misha,

Thank you very much for a nice comment on my website. I did not respond right away because I just returned from my trip to the "Canyon Land" (Arizona, Utah) last night. I'll put the pictures on my website in June. Thanks again.


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